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With each collection we celebrate love

Our creative vision, contained in each jewel, is told by the uniqueness of our collections, capable of satisfying the most refined tastes.

Anniversary Love

A thousand facets of the heart-shaped diamond, universal symbol of love, in a style that blends tradition with innovation.
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A diamond framed by a heart, symbolising a true love that's worth celebrating every day
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Anniversary More

Simple lines, regular rhythms and contrasting gold and diamonds, contemporary by design. Perfect jewellery that can be worn separately, stacked or paired with Recarlo solitaires.
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Anniversary Glam

The warm embrace of yellow gold and the iconic heart-cut diamonds swathe your everyday style with a glamour touch.
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Our memories tie us to the past, our emotions to the present and our desires to the future.
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Face Cube

Gemstones set in gold micro-sculptures, magnifying the visual effects.
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Geometric details highlight the collection's subtly retro style
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Maria Teresa

Solid, streamlined shapes reflect a bold personality.
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Wedding rings

Sealing a life-long promise, delicate jewellery in white, pink and yellow gold.
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