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Anniversary More

Style, modernity and a love of detail.

The sixteen rings in the Anniversary More collection can be worn by themselves, stacked or paired with Recarlo solitaires, complementing or embracing them.

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Stack, pair, add. Wear even more love with Anniversary More.

Celebrate your love... even more

Unique, inimitable style: rings with simple lines and contrasting gold and diamonds, devoted to life-long love, expressing a desire for awe-inspiring love that’s precious in its every form.

Recarlo’s Anniversary More Collection is dedicated to everlasting love: yellow and white gold rings, minimal and universal by design, that can be worn together or with any other ring to create a unique, distinctive personal style.

Pure lines and regular rhythms, with contrasting gold and diamonds, are the design features of contemporary jewellery collections, and Anniversary More is no exception. The choice of designs ranges from shimmering white or yellow gold surfaces to sequences of diamonds with the Anniversary setting, both in the traditional round cut and exclusive taper and baguette versions.

But the detail that makes the difference is the design of the rings: two opposite hearts that attract, symbolising the perfect union of two people in love. The design was created to fit perfectly with “straight” solitaires from the Anniversary and Anniversary Love collections: an embrace heightening the love captured by Recarlo solitaire rings.

The eternity rings in the Anniversary More Collection can also be combined harmoniously to personalise every woman’s look: with their sleek, minimal lines, they bring a touch of class and unique, elegant style. And the rings in the Anniversary More Collection adapt flawlessly to fit every occasion, from day-to-day looks to the most exclusive of moments.

The Anniversary More collection is the perfect way to express your love with elegance and flair. Recarlo’s signature master craftsmanship goes into making every eternity ring in the collection, guaranteeing the very highest quality and durability. Don’t miss this chance to wear love in sophisticated, distinctive style: discover the Anniversary More collection by Recarlo.


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