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Exclusive care

Recarlo protects your jewellery.

Recarlo pays special attention to you, giving you the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive service on your jewel for free. Upon completing the "Exclusive Care" form, Recarlo undertakes to replace your jewel if it comes to you:

  • stolen, snatched from you only while you are wearing it,
  • stolen from your home, on the condition the jewellery was stored in a locked safe

This certificate:
  • is personal and therefore only valid if, at the time of the event covered by this “Exclusive Care” service, the object is still the property of the owner of the item of jewellery and/or co-habitating family members, and is valid for the whole world;
  • does not cover misplacing, mysterious disappearance, theft of unworn jewellery which was not locked away in a safe, loss, accidental breakage or partial damage to the jewellery, even related to snatching, theft or robbery of the same;

Is null and void in the following cases:

(1) if it is issued to a person under 15 years of age; (2) if it is issued to a person who has already reported a previous event to RECARLO SpA covered by a similar certificate for the same item of RECARLO jewellery; (3) if the request submitted by the owner of the jewellery is deliberately false and fraudulent. If any of the events covered by this certificate should occur, the owner of the jewellery has within three days to provide the documents listed below before the right to replacement expires; the documents must be delivered to: Funk International Spa - Garibaldi, 24 - 15048 Valenza (AL). (1) written and detailed report to the Judicial Authorities in charge in the area the event took place; (2) copy of the Purchase Certificate.

This certificate is valid for 12 months from midnight on the date it was issued. In order to take advantage of the “Exclusive Care” service, it must be activated within and no later than one month from the date of purchase; after this deadline the activation will be deemed null and void. Online activation of the Exclusive Care service also allows you to take advantage of an additional 12 months warranty for your jewellery, in addition to the 24 months foreseen by the law in force.

Fill out the Exclusive Care form

Before you click on “SUBMIT” make sure you've entered the correct data. By filling out the form below and clicking on the button “SUBMIT” you take also expressly acknowledge and agree that Recarlo is exclusively responsible for the “Exclusive Care” service, and, therefore, no action and/or claim for damages may be asserted against RECARLO SpA in relation to the failure to activate the service “Exclusive Care” and/or incorrect replacement of the jewel by Recarlo conditions stated above.

Recarlo undertakes not to share your personal data. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.