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What "hand-made in Italy" means to us

A coherent, sustainable choice

"Made in Italy" means that we craft our jewellery with painstaking attention to detail, seeking out beauty and the highest standards of quality and striving to make our style both coherent and unique.

Our headquarters in the heart of Valenza

Our company headquarters is a state-of-the-art building that houses the entire production process, from sketching to creating the mountings, selecting and setting the diamonds through to polishing and rhodium-plating. Here, the talent and skill of the finest master goldsmiths breathe life into uniquely precious jewellery, with an art handed down from generation to generation.

Since the late 1800s, Valenza has been the most important jewellery-making centre in the world, the epitome of Italian excellence in goldsmithery. Recarlo is therefore both "Made in Italy" and also "Made in Valenza": all our jewellery is produced at our headquarters in a truly unique building. Valenza's craft heritage - built on passion, creativity and “savoir-faire” - inspired Recarlo's founding values.

Italian craftsmanship

Our Italian DNA makes us innovative, always seeking out pioneering techniques so we can get the utmost from our precious raw materials while continuing to apply age-old artisan skills. Our Master Goldsmiths have been with us for generations, enabling us to carry on producing jewellery that stands the test of time and is synonymous with integrity and excellence.