Love...More and More.

The new Anniversary More collection was created for you, for your style, for your love. You’ll never get enough of them.

The Anniversary More ring collection was created with unique style: an embrace, two hearts that gaze at each other. Perfect jewellery, designed to be worn separately, stacked or paired with Recarlo solitaires. Symbolising universal love, celebrating your relationship or just for yourself and your personality.

The perfect combination. Like an embrace.

Unique by design, the jewellery in the collection is the perfect match for Recarlo solitaires. An embrace that creates new emotions.

More love. More style. More Recarlo.

A collection dedicated to loving life, one you can wear and match in complete freedom, creating unique, personal, exclusive combinations.

A style statement. Recarlo passion.

With simple lines, regular rhythms and contrasting gold and diamonds, Anniversary More forges a brand new style, pairing rings to create magical combinations.