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Lose yourself in a comforting embrace.

A promise of eternity that celebrates an enduring sentiment, embodying past, present and future.

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An innovative design, its lines following the contours of the body, lends softness and sinuosity to jewellery imbued with femininity and elegance. Dazzling surfaces enhance the brilliant diamonds, emblem of a true love that lasts forever.

Love accompanies us through life and fills our hearts despite the passing of time. Every memory, every moment both present and future, are small steps along a lifetime’s journey together. On special occasions it’s important to share the moment with the one you love, celebrating the unchanging sentiment that binds you with a timeless gift: a jewel from the Eternity Collection. 

The jewellery in the Collection reflects heart-felt sentiments that never waver: it recalls time spent together, celebrates the present and looks to the future with hope.  

Love lasts a lifetime with the Recarlo Eternity Collection. 

The Eternity Collection captures the warm, reassuring, passionate embrace of the one you love, a moment filled with the deepest emotion and an escape from the world outside.  

With their tapered, enveloping lines, the jewels in the  Collection evoke the idea of never-ending sentiments.  

The Eternity bracelets are shaped like an open circle: a diamond is positioned at each tip, ensuring that they face one another to recall the feelings that bind you together. All the 18 kt white gold bracelets are rigid and feature two or more set diamonds, enhancing their beauty and elegance. 

The slender design of the diamond earrings and necklaces echoes a sense of romance with various styles and interpretations.  

For special occasions and landmark anniversaries, Eternity rings are a symbol of love and the depth of your feelings. All Recarlo Eternity rings are crafted with soft, elegant lines, reworked with a modern twist to reflect the continuous passage of time. Past, present and future are the three moments when our deepest feelings of love are born, grow and mature. The trilogy jewellery captures the concept of eternity beautifully, with three stunning natural diamonds representing the three stages of life. 

Celebrating a special occasion with diamond jewellery means making a gesture that will last a lifetime. Choosing a jewel from the Eternity Collection means giving your heart to your loved one. Recarlo creates every design with passion and attention to detail, abiding by the goldworking traditions that distinguish the Maison and crafting jewellery as unique as your love. 


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