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Anniversary Glam

Elegance in step with the times.

Glamorous, elegant designs for jewels that are light and easy to wear, adding an extra touch of personality: the Anniversary Glam Collection captures the true essence of Recarlo fine jewellery.

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Yellow gold, a timeless classic

The brand’s iconic jewellery dazzles in the warm glow of Sunset Gold, the exclusive shade of yellow gold from Recarlo.

Sleek lines, contrasting gold and diamonds and glamorous yet romantic style form the leitmotivs for the Anniversary Glam Collection from Recarlo.  

This vibrant collection exudes a passionate, compelling desire for love and freedom in its every guise.  

Icons of style and elegance: Anniversary Glam jewellery from Recarlo 

Recarlo’s Anniversary Glam collection was created to make every day unforgettable, with simple, understated jewellery that’s easy to wear and expresses your style to the full. 

The designs are simple and versatile, yet precious and elegant, conjuring up truly modern contrasts: Recarlo jewellery takes on new life in the warm embrace of yellow gold and the brilliance of heart-cut diamonds. 

By combining the colour of yellow gold with the purity of natural diamonds, Anniversary Glam exudes on-trend, contemporary allure. 

Chain designs create dynamic plays on light and movement: in the bracelets, necklaces and earrings, chains join together the heart-cut diamonds, expressing the unbreakable strength of our feelings with lightness and style.  

The Anniversary Glam Collection is the perfect way to express your chic, sophisticated side through your everyday looks. Every jewel in the collection is crafted with painstaking attention to detail and all the artistry that has always distinguished the brand’s craftsmen.  

Choose to wear simple jewellery brimming with glamour and sophistication: discover Recarlo’s Anniversary Glam Collection. 


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