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Your token of love.

Capture one of the most important moments in your life. Unique memories and emotions, sculpted in time. For a very special occasion, choose the symbol of endless love: the solitaire.

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The solitaire ring symbolises the bond between two people, given as the highest expression of love. 

Solitaires are the jewel in the crown of Recarlo’s goldworking traditions. With its elegant, sinuous lines, the solitaire ring enhances the strength and durability of the central diamond, emblem of a relationship that overcomes every difficulty. 

The diamond is the cornerstone of all Recarlo solitaires: from the brilliance of white gold, to the elegance and passion of yellow gold, the shape of the band and prongs supporting the gems accentuate the style and splendour of natural diamonds. 

The solitaire: the diamond ring par excellence 

The Recarlo Solitaire is the perfect union between precious metals and diamonds of the rarest purity and brilliance.  

Recarlo rings exude both tradition and innovative design, for unique, distinctive jewellery that always keeps pace with the times. Every piece in the Anniversary and Anniversary Love Collections is embellished by the iconic heart-shaped setting, supporting the diamond and accentuating its brilliance while creating dazzlingly brilliant reflections 

With its simple, elegant lines, the yellow gold and white gold solitaire is exquisitely adorned with a round or heart-shaped brilliant cut natural diamond, with details and features that make it truly timeless.   

The Maison’s artisans fashion jewellery that exults the gemstone’s characteristics, creating harmonious, delicate plays on shapes and light. Each diamond ring is one of a kind, set apart from the others by the style of the setting, shape of the gemstone and its purity. It can be customised by choosing the carat weight of the diamond or opting for one of the many designs with  diamonds on the band.    

Attention to detail, sophisticated contemporary design and painstakingly chosen gemstones all reflect the quality of Italian goldworking craftsmanship. For over 50 years, our expert gemmologists have been carefully selecting the purest, most luminous natural diamonds and certifying their unrivalled quality. Every gemstone is accompanied by a gemmologist’s certificate verifying its unique characteristics, to protect customers who buy our jewellery.  

The solitaires in the Anniversary Collection are the highest expression of the Maison’s Savoir Faire, capturing the passion, respect for tradition and superb Italian production that are Recarlo’s unique assets. 


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