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Face Cube

Contemporary style.

Bold, solid shapes and essential lines characterise jewellery designed as a metropolitan style accessory.

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Black & White

A special setting - with micro-facets cut into the metal - exalts and magnifies the brilliance and size of the alternating black and white diamonds.

Wearing jewellery is all about expressing ourselves and our personality. Diamonds are gemstones that highlight and enrich our image, underlining the strength and independence that distinguishes us every day. You don’t need a special occasion to show your best side, with bold style and attention to detail.  

The jewels in the Face Cube Collection are the ultimate expression of aesthetic beauty combined with young, modern flair: they enhance every single outfit, from the most elegant occasions to everyday life. Recarlo interprets and breathes life into our deepest desires, creating dazzling jewellery with bold, square-shaped diamonds set in a simple yet striking design.  

The Face Cube Collection: rings, bracelets and earrings with black diamonds  

The Face Cube Collection is designed to accentuate minimal style. The cube shape emphasises the stunning set gemstones, highlighting their size and brilliance.  

Each diamond is set in 18 kt white gold micro-sculptures that broaden our perception: the cube shape exults the light and size of the gemstones.  

Stunning tennis bracelets, rings, necklaces and diamond earrings are interpreted with a contemporary twist, perfect for every situation. Every jewel in the collection is designed to appeal to women and men alike, thanks to a mixture of black and white diamonds.  

Here, goldworking traditions meet spirituality: beautiful gold necklaces with a cross pendant are the ultimate expression of jewellery you can wear every day to express your values. 

Mixing together coloured gemstones is a clever way to create versatile, contemporary jewellery like the black diamond tennis bracelet, a perfect reworking of a great classic in a modern key.  

The Collection emphasises the strength and beauty of the purest natural gemstones, for jewellery that instantly catches the eye but is easy to wear. The eternity rings are crafted from white gold with black or white brilliant cut diamonds, accompanied by a gemmologist’s certificate detailing their individual characteristics. 

Express yourself, show the courage of your convictions and achieve your greatest goals by wearing dazzling jewellery from the Face Cube Collection.  


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