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Our vision

Life's most wonderful moments in Recarlo diamond jewellery

At Recarlo, our desire is to "realise every woman's dream of receiving a diamond jewel as a token of love." And we've been making every effort to achieve our goal since 1967.

Experience, knowledge & reliability: creating the finest jewellery

Our search for excellence starts when we scrupulously select the suppliers for our raw materials, choosing mines that guarantee the finest raw gemstones using mining methods that respect the environment and workers' rights. Just 2% of the raw stones extracted go on to become a Recarlo diamond

The fire of passion

A radiant expression of a love worth celebrating, every diamond is prepared with incredible skill, know-how and intuition, releasing the true beauty inside nature's finest raw creations. Layers of material are removed to reveal its purest essence: the fiery beauty hidden within each diamond.

Natural beauty

This wonderful gift of nature is shaped by expert human hands, turning it through each stage of workmanship into a unique, exclusive jewel. Every process carried out by our craftsmen - from creating the setting to positioning the gemstones - is designed to highlight the diamonds' natural beauty.