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Recarlo: quality and commitment, guaranteed

Our promise of quality culminates in our jewellery, but is born from the family's DNA

We believe that confidence in the brand you choose to symbolise your love depends on how it respects People and the Planet, and continues through responsibly sourced, high quality raw materials.

Our founder's values are our company legacy

Our customers know that a Recarlo diamond represents the highest heights, not only in terms of quality but also of social and environmental responsibility. We always strive to ensure our diamonds are traceable, and to support the highest standards for the mining industry, safeguarding human rights and helping local populations.

To protect our customers, all our diamonds over 0.14 ct. come with a Gemmologist's Certificate, giving a transparent, objective overview of the gemstone's characteristics. In addition, we only select conflict-free diamonds from countries that adhere to the global self-regulatory Kimberley Process.

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As certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, at Recarlo we also strive constantly to improve our sustainability performance, working in close contact with our supply Partners to guarantee the utmost transparency when it comes to the provenance of our diamonds and coloured gemstones. To enable customers to consult the Gemmologist’s certificate accompanying every diamond over 0.14 ct, or see the characteristics and provenance of our sapphires, rubies and emeralds, all Recarlo jewellery comes with a smartphone-readable QR code, providing instant access to all the information needed. It also includes an image of the jewellery, along with a brief technical description.