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Maria Teresa

Strength and character

Contemporary design in the form of clean-cut prongs and sleek lines, imbuing the jewellery with understated yet distinctive style.

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Understated design

The geometrical lines and cubical design of the "V" setting supporting the diamond are perfect for dynamic, self-assured women.

Self-confidence is fundamental when it comes to realising our dreams. A strong personality should be reflected in every aspect of life, including the jewellery we choose. Bold design and elegant style are bywords for the Maria Teresa Collection, sleek jewellery that enhances every woman’s look.

We all try to achieve our goals in our own way, remembering that life is full of minor setbacks and moments of happiness. In this Collection, Recarlo brings a modern twist to traditional hand-crafted Italian jewellery, creating designs that accompany women throughout their daily lives with determination.

Geometric lines for distinctive jewellery: The Recarlo Maria Teresa Collection

The Maria Teresa Collection is designed for self-confident women who strive to achieve their goals.

Pared-back design helps optimise the features of the diamond, the natural focus of every creation. The gemstone’s strength and resilience symbolises women who know what they want and do all they can to obtain it. The tennis bracelets, necklaces and diamond earrings are crafted with spectacular square prongs in white gold, framing the central stone and highlighting its brilliance.

Distinctive, striking design enhances the definition and lustre of the diamonds to the full The Maria Teresa diamond ring  comes in 18 kt white gold, with a stunning feature: a square, “V”-shaped bezel that supports and emphasises the central diamond.

Geometric lines are the distinguishing mark of the Collection: the jewels are bold and striking yet still elegant, in perfect Recarlo style. Clean-cut lines give the jewellery intensity and character, just like the person who wears it.

Every day is a new adventure to be tackled with passion and resilience. The Collection is designed to accompany and perfect every moment with sophisticated, stylish accessories. The bold, eye-catching lines hone versatile jewellery that brings out our best in all our daily challenges.


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