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How to choose a diamond

Every diamond is rare and unique. The same parameters are used worldwide to value the quality of a diamond and certify its gemmological characteristics: the 4 Cs (colour, clarity, cut and carat weight).


A guide to the wonderful world of Recarlo diamonds

Our guide accompanies you through the magical world of diamonds, revealing the details and parameters you need to choose your gemstone and the solitaire of your dreams.

For over 50 years, Recarlo has been selecting only the finest gemstones and guaranteeing that they meet the company's stringent quality standards. The brand's reputation for integrity and trustworthiness is a source of great pride, and one of the main reasons why our jewellery is chosen and loved by customers in Italy and around the world.

Carat, cut, clarity and colour

The beauty of a gemstone depends on how it is cut, as this determines how the facets of the diamond react to light. Clarity relates to its transparency and rarity. The colour of a diamond refers to its natural tone: the more colourless the diamond, the rarer it is. Finally, carat indicates the weight of a diamond, not its size; one carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams.