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Anniversary Love

Contemporary romance.

Love is all about the moments we spend together, reminding us why we are always there for one another, captured by gifts full of promises. The Anniversary Love Collection is the perfect symbol of a love that lasts a lifetime.

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A new light

Recarlo style and elegance is bathed in yellow gold

The Anniversary Love Collection is the very epitome of Love. The diamond jewellery in the Collection was created to express the purest emotions, ones we keep deep in our hearts.   

And the heart is the cornerstone of the collection: each piece stands out for its heart cut diamonds, evoking the romantic promise of a future together. With its dazzling purity, the natural diamond heart captures a shared moment that lasts a lifetime.  

Every diamond jewel in the Collection is the perfect gift for an unforgettable occasion, with its elegant yet contemporary style that never ceases to amaze.  

Celebrate love with the Recarlo Anniversary Love Collection  

The jewellery in the Anniversary Love Collection is designed to capture all the romance of those first times: your first date, first anniversary, engagement and wedding. Every moment is filled with poignancy and lingers on in the memory with a Recarlo diamond. 

With its delicate, romantic lines, the jewellery becomes the very symbol of love, which is why the heart-shaped diamond is the star of the Collection: it features in solitaire rings, tennis bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  

Harmonious and symmetrical by design, the Anniversary Love solitaire ring highlights the natural sparkle of the heart-shaped diamond, guardian of a promise of love. Every solitaire is embellished with Recarlo’s iconic setting, creating plays on light that exult the diamond’s brilliance and evoke all the emotions of that unforgettable “Yes”.  

Recarlo jewellery is crafted in Italy with painstaking attention to detail and quality at every stage. The creative process begins with selecting the gemstone, observing standards of excellence for cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.  

The Collection of white gold jewellery is treated with a special rhodium-plating technique, bringing out all the shine and purity of the natural diamonds. Brilliant white gold enhances the natural transparency of the diamond, flooding every jewel with light, elegance and eternal romance 

For every momentous occasion, give a jewel that expresses all your love: choose the elegant beauty of jewellery from the Anniversary Love Collection. 


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