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Engagements and weddings

What could be more wonderful than sealing your engagement or marriage with a jewel from the Maison’s collections? The purest white diamonds to celebrate your love and dazzle them with a uniquely precious gift.

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Recarlo engagement rings are a gift of love, a symbol of a bond that stands the test of time. Reflecting the goldworking traditions of Piedmont, the white gold and diamond rings are an explosion of light and elegance, their every detail crafted to the Maison’s highest standards.  

Every engagement ring captures the romantic promise of love between two souls. Delicate, sinuous lines intensify the purity and transparency of the natural diamond, cradled in a setting that creates stunning reflections of light. 

The Recarlo solitaire is the ultimate symbol of romantic love, the perfect engagement ring 

From the harmonious band to the setting supporting the gemstone, white gold envelops and enhances the brilliance of the central diamond, like a journey around the emotions leading up to that “yes”. Every solitaire in the Anniversary and Anniversary Love Collections is embellished with a heart-shaped setting that surrounds and supports the diamond. 

Recarlo Wedding bands and engagement rings 

Recarlo respects tradition. The Maison’s engagement rings are the symbol of shared love. The stunning white gold eternity rings enhance the sparkle of the natural diamonds, creating an unbroken circle of light and sinuous elegance.  

The iconic heart-shaped setting, a design feature of every piece in the Anniversary Collection, lends a touch of romance to the jewellery, filling it with dazzling plays on light that make the purity of the gemstones shine even brighter.  

The same care and attention goes into the wedding bands. In white, yellow and pink gold, these exquisite jewels seal the dream of a life spent together. From delicate, classic wedding rings with an inner diamond, to wedding bands with the purest white diamonds and a heart-shaped setting, all the designs can be finished with a special engraving. 

 All Recarlo wedding jewellery has a timeless, romantic allure. The experience of Master Goldsmiths and production based exclusively in Italy make every creation one of a kind, its every detail upholding the highest standards of Valenza’s goldworking traditions.  


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