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Jewels that capture the light.

Drop earrings, diamond studs and hoops: Recarlo jewellery enhances every face, symbolising timeless elegance and tradition.

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In antiquity, earrings were known as jewels “that capture the light”, enhancing the face and making it dazzle. Recarlo earrings capture all the beauty and elegance of a jewel that will never fade. 

Crafted expertly in keeping with Italy’s goldworking traditions, the Maison’s diamond earrings are made with passion and skill, classic by design but reinterpreted in a modern key.  

From diamond stud earrings to dazzling drop and hoop designs, every jewel is crafted from 18 kt gold with diamonds in various cuts and characteristics, for creations that are unique and always contemporary.  

Diamond stud earrings, drop earrings and hoops: timelessly elegant jewellery 

Earrings are an accessory that fills the face with light and elegance. Each design enhances the endless facets of the wearer, highlighting the differences and uniqueness of their features.   

Drop earrings shimmer around the face like a cascade of stunning diamonds. From sleek designs with pavé gemstones to sophisticated ones with heart-shaped and baguette cut diamonds, Recarlo creates elegant drop earrings that are unmistakeable. 

With their sheer simplicity, iconic diamond stud earrings make every face dazzle. They are crafted with the utmost care and attention to enhance the cut and clarity of the diamonds. Diamond stud earrings in white and yellow gold are created with different shaped gemstones. Many of the designs can be customised by choosing the  carat weight of the diamond. 

Hoop earrings complement the face with their unique character and fineness. Crafted with traditional or clip fastenings, hoop earrings in white gold and yellow gold frame the face and come in a range of designs: from smaller to wider hoops, they are accentuated by unique design and a selection of rare diamonds, carefully chosen to meet the Maison’s highest standards. 

Gifting a pair of diamond earrings means dazzling your loved one with a timeless accessory that will last a lifetime.  


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