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Icons of a timeless style

Each jewel has its own character made unique by the extraordinary splendor of the diamonds that are the protagonists.


From the most romantic ring, symbolised by its iconic heart, to more traditional designs: white gold solitaires with soft, elegant, sinuous lines capturing the soul of every woman.
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Our bracelets are born from a painstaking selection of gemstones by our expert gemmologists: flawless colour and shimmering diamonds capture and reflect every ray of light as one.
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Stud, drop and hoop earrings with diamonds and coloured gemstones make every woman look unique. Sophisticated, design-conscious creations that embellish every moment of your day.
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The purity and brilliance of a single diamond capture the attention, enhancing the natural light of your face; more sophisticated chokers exude all the artistry and excellence of Italian goldsmiths.
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White gold and diamond rings, traditional or contemporary by design, for women who make style and elegance their distinguishing features.
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The quality of our diamonds is guaranteed by the most rigorous external gemmology certification bodies, assuring their uniqueness, purity, transparency and solidity.
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