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The class and style of the jewel par excellence

Every bracelet is an expression of strength and elegance, as well as the symbol of a deep bond.

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Recarlo bracelets epitomise incomparable style and elegance. With their circular design, evoking an eternal, never-ending cycle, they also symbolise supreme regularity and perfection.

Gifting a bracelet therefore means sealing a union, a unique bond with the person who receives it. There are so many types of gold bracelets, from chain bracelets and rigid contrarié designs to tennis bracelets, ideal for men and women alike. Every Recarlo jewel is decorated with stunning natural diamonds that embellish and adorn the wrist.

Tennis bracelets: symbol of class and elegance

Tennis bracelets are the diamond bracelets par excellence. These dazzling 18kt white gold bracelets with diamonds are perfect as a special gift to mark important events, be they a birthday, confirmation, anniversary or graduation.

The women’s tennis bracelet is a chic, elegant accessory you can wear every day or save for special occasions. These breathtaking bracelets come in a range of designs, each with a different setting and style of diamonds.

Each tennis bracelet can be worn by itself or matched with other women’s gold bracelets to bring out their beauty. It’s extremely popular to wear tennis bracelets in different colours, or pair them with other designs, such as a rigid contrarié in gold and diamonds or a bangle.

The men’s tennis bracelet is a highly desirable accessory that brims with class and elegance. Particularly popular with men is the black tennis bracelet, available in different designs in white gold with brilliant cut black diamonds.

For those who love simpler jewellery, there are classic diamond tennis bracelets with a white gold setting and hidden clasp, all in a series of different designs and sizes. To make every jewel truly special, the Maison’s artisans painstakingly select the gemstones and design for each bracelet, with the possibility to choose the diamond carat weight for some models.


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