We like to think that Love is the feeling that underlies everything. A driving force that animates our souls and assigns strength and vitality to our actions; Love is a powerful, vibrant, and positive emotion. We devote our commitment and our labour expressly to Love, in order to celebrate it in all its forms and give life to its symbol par excellence: the solitaire

A solitaire is a piece of jewellery that plays a starring role in a declaration of love; simple or complex, delicate or bold, a solitaire is much more than just a ring.

A pledge of love.

A love that is never trivial, nor taken for granted; a true, rare, and overwhelming love. As rare as a diamond that reflects every aspect of love and, therefore, of life itself within its infinite facets and its play of light. Because a diamond more than a precious gem, it is a metaphor. When you wear a solitaire, you are wearing a promise which connects you for life.

That is why Recarlo, thanks to the passion of its goldsmiths, pays attention to every detail of its solitaires, giving life to unique and extraordinary creations capable of expressing love.

Select a Recarlo solitaire for your proposal and let the noblest of feelings triumph: love.