Beautiful, pure, sparkling. The resplendent elegance of the many diamonds in the Recarlo collection evokes the immaculate splendour of the snow-covered steppes that span Russia from one part of the Urals to the other. Recarlo designer diamonds arrive precisely from the land of the Tsars. Each one is extraordinary because it is carefully selected according to the criterion of the 4 Cs: colour, clarity, carat, cut.

The colour is precisely one of the determining factors in defining the value of these splendid jewels. The spectrum ranges from Z, distinguishing an intense straw yellow, to D with its exceptional white that characterises the most valuable stones. There are 23 different characteristic and beautiful shades in between.

Another distinctive feature of our gems is purity, namely, the absence of imperfections which compromise their transparency. Each Recarlo diamond is utterly free from inclusions that are perceptible to the naked eye, allowing the light to filter perfectly, transmitting and optimising the brilliance of the most precious stones, expertly cut by the most skilled diamond cutters.

 The carat, another element that determines the value of the diamond, refers to the weight of these enchanting gems. Each carat is equivalent to 0.20 grammes, and Recarlo offers creations with carats ranging from the most delicate gems up to precious 3 carat stones, which maintain their elegance and clean forms.

Finally, the cut is precisely the element that best illustrates the knowledge of the diamond cutters. They are true masters who work with the most highly-prized of precious stones according to the criterion of the Ideal cut.  Each facet is studied and cut with the sole purpose of achieving maximum light reflection and refraction. It is a true art that has the unquestionable merit of creating an aura of magical energy around the diamond.

All of these extraordinary characteristics are recorded on the microfilm gemological certificate that Recarlo attaches to all the pieces of jewellery set with a diamond weighing greater than 0.14 carat.