Recarlo is a story of love and traditions from an artisanal goldsmith district in Piedmont. Its orgins date back to 1967, when it was born in a small laboratory in Valenza, since then dedication, authenticity and creativity have been at the core of the brand.

An extraordinary family adventure, born from the courage of Carlo Re that, when only sixteen, decided to dedicate himself to the world of jewels. With great courage and resourcefulness Carlo stepped out from his father's footsteps and founded Recarlo. His passion, great commitment and continuous search for innovation, transformed this little laboratory in an important reality in Italian jewelry.

A harmonious design, the cure for details, the accuracy of manufactures, the quality of the materials and the consistency of the style have made exclusive and distinctive these masterpieces.

At the base of the success there is the importance of values: the unique force of family, that allow to overcome every situation and the Valenza’s origins.

The company celebrates with pride the highlights of the territory remembering the importance of its traditions and exalting his excellences… Barolo, truffles, marron glacè and Gianduiotto are just some of the treasures that Piedmont offers and Recarlo is proud to share with them the same exclusive origin.