Rights, safety and traceability are just some of the principles on which Recarlo has structured its work ethics over the years. Since its foundation, the company has had excellence as its primary objective. For this reason, it has always committed itself to following national and international laws, rules and regulations, social and environmental policies and guiding principles such as those of the UN on Business and Human Rights in an exemplary manner.


Recarlo has created and shared its Corporate Code of Ethics with employees, partners, suppliers and customers. The document is clear proof of the company's commitment to improving the effects of its business in terms of social benefits and environmental impact. Identifying and pursuing the best management and operational processes guarantees positive repercussions on social, ethical and environmental conditions.


Not only in words, but also in deeds, Recarlo looks inwards, to its employees and their protection, and outwards to suppliers, partners and consumers to guarantee the quality and transparency that have always distinguished the brand. Issues such as the traceability of raw materials, environmental protection and workers' rights are addressed.


All this is part of a long journey that aims to protect the company's image and credibility, but above all the continuous improvement of the environment in which the company operates, fuelling its passion and motivation.


You can read Recarlo's Code of Ethics here (LINK).