Just few days have passed from the major event in the cinematographic industry: the Oscar. Stars from all over the world go to L.A. to attend the Academy Awards reward ceremony.

Elegance and style were at their maximum in this year red carpet, and the looks conquered the spectators. In this shiny and glowing atmosphere fashion and cinema reunite harmoniously into spectacular creations.

The details make the difference, star and major maisons know that very well. Splendid dresses and precious jewels appeared at the 92nd edition of the Academy Awards, embellishing the scene and conquering the media. With their peculiar shapes and the timeless light, jewels exalted the beauty and class of the participants, making their outfits shiny and enchanting.

Light has been the protagonist of the night, numerous stylistic choices of light colors, glowing with shiny applications such as sequins, glitter, crystals and precious jewels. Also simplicity was present in some classic looks, that brought the attention into the details of fabrics and the quality of materials. It’s in occasions like this that the savoir-faire of maisons conquer the scene.

Numerous stars wear jewels with high carats diamonds, embedded in withe gold and platinum to exalt their figures. Necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches enlightened the red carpet.

Diamonds have always been charming and precious stones, the most desired one. They embody elegance, sophistication and beauty, and they do not pass unobserved for sure.

Working with diamonds is an art form, and cinema is able to celebrate them with onor, showing the work of the best goldsmiths of the world.