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A diamond symbolises eternal love. Gifting diamond jewellery means expressing your deepest feelings for the one you love. Give Recarlo jewellery for your special occasions.

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Giving a gift is a way to show how much you love them. Every occasion and important moment is worth celebrating with a heart-felt present. Give a timeless gift that will last for life: choose a Recarlo jewel 

Diamonds are gifts for eternity, with their unique brilliance and innate exclusivity. Gifting diamond jewellery means making a promise of unbreakable love. Diamonds are the purest symbol of an eternal bond, one that is truly untouchable.  

Jewellery for gifting: Recarlo rings, earrings and bracelets 

Gifts are symbols that express our sentiments. Every Recarlo jewel has a unique meaning that heightens our emotions and feelings: it expresses all our deepest values and sentiments, touching our loved one’s heart. 

Recarlo’s Anniversary Collection is dedicated entirely to jewellery for gifting, for every special occasion. All the jewellery in the collection is crafted from 18 kt white gold and the purest, most brilliant diamonds, chosen to meet the exceptional quality standards that distinguish the Maison. In the Anniversary collection, diamonds are supported by the iconic heart-shaped setting, evoking the deepest feelings of unending love.  

Recarlo rings are the expression of timeless love. From solitaires to the trilogy, wedding rings and bands to the most sophisticated designs, gifting a ring means declaring your love with a special gesture they’ll remember forever. 

Earrings fill the face with radiance and elegance. Giving earrings ensures your loved one will shine with their own light, a gift that comes from deep in the heart. Express your love with a pair of Recarlo earrings and create an unforgettable memory. 

Recarlo bracelets are the perfect gift for special occasions. For every personal achievement and important moment, the bracelet symbolises the never-ending flow of time, as well as the significance of a feeling that lasts forever.  

Whatever jewel you choose to gift, the strength of a diamond evokes a bond that is difficult to break. Recarlo jewellery is designed to accentuate the shape and brilliance of the gemstones, each with its uniquely special characteristics.  


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