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Wedding Rings and Bands

Marriage is a promise of love. Wedding bands symbolise the deepest sentiments that unite two people. Make your big day unforgettable with Recarlo wedding rings.

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A wedding is an occasion brimming with unforgettable emotions. The big day reflects all the love and romance of two people who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together. These unique emotions wrap the newly-weds and their nearest and dearest - witnesses to a promise of love - in a warm embrace.  

And Recarlo strives to evoke the same values and sentiments through its jewellery. Recarlo wedding rings are the expression of the authenticity, naturalness and exclusivity of a brand that aims to make people’s dreams come true.   

Choose Recarlo wedding bands and engagement ringsto symbolise your wonderful new life together. 

Recarlo wedding bands: rings that say “I do” 

Wedding bands are the traditional emblem of a promise of love that lasts a lifetime. And every Recarlo gold and diamond wedding band is designed to celebrate the essence of love in its purest, most enduring form.  

With its stunning beauty, the classic wedding band seals the union between two souls. Our wedding bands are crafted from 18 kt white, yellow or pink gold with an inner diamond. In keeping with tradition, every ring can be made unique with a short engraving on the inside of the band. Exchanging these diamond rings means expressing your feelings for one another in the purest, most genuine of ways, in a truly intimate gesture.  

Our white gold and diamond wedding rings epitomise the balance between form and elegance. The eternity rings from the Anniversary Collection feature the iconic heart-shaped setting that sets the Maison apart. It epitomises the love and romance promised by your future together. All the diamond rings are available in different carat weights.  

Wearing the diamond rings is a daily reminder of the moment which changed your life forever. It symbolises your choice to be there for each other every day, no matter what. Wedding rings capture all the memories and emotions of such a magical day. They are the most poignant testament of a life spent together, day by day, “until death do us part”. 


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