Today, we make a wish for an even brighter future as we share our sustainability vision with the world. With tradition and artisanship at the heart of Recarlo’s work, our sustainability commitments centre on three pillars: People, Planet and Product. We are pleased to share a new blueprint for what Made In Italy means, as we contribute towards positive change within the jewellery industry. Discover Our Promise To You.




On 15 July 2020, Recarlo reached an important milestone in its sustainable growth path, obtaining certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Now a certified member of this non-profit organisation, Recarlo was established in 2005 to promote ethically, socially and environmentally responsible practices in the processing of gold and diamond jewellery that respect human rights, from extraction to sale, and adheres to these standards through efficient management policies.

By joining this international system, Recarlo consolidates both its own reputation and that of the suppliers and customers with which it collaborates. Ongoing commitment will help create and strengthen working partnerships and provide a solid and secure foundation for sustainable growth.

Belonging to such an extensive network will help create a trust-based community within the industry, leading to the strengthening of consumer trust.


The company's gemologists select stones from Russian mines based on the highest quality standards and cut only to the finest proportions of the prestigious "ideal cut", offering one-of-a-kind colour and brilliance.
For all diamonds over 0.14 carats, Recarlo attaches a Gemological Certificate printed on microfilm to the item. This offers transparent and objective information on the characteristics of the diamond used. 
Each individual customer also receives special attention thanks to our "Exclusive Care" service: in the event of a mugging or home burglary, Recarlo will replace the purchased item of jewellery.


Recarlo's ethics are also crystal clear: the company adheres to the worldwide self-regulation programme known as the Kimberley Process. This was established by the major Southern African countries to strengthen the trade in diamonds originating from places where mining is controlled and protected, and it aims to ensure that profits from the diamond trade are not used to fund civil wars.
All Recarlo jewellery also comes with international quality guarantee certificates.


Recarlo's current headquarters, opened in Valenza in 2010, bears witness to the powerful bond that links the company to the local area. It boasts a cutting-edge and totally one-of-a-kind structure. A fully eco-compatible and eco-sustainable facility of 4,800 square metres, it covers the entire supply chain process: this is where the talented, expert hands of Valenza's finest master goldsmiths shape unique pieces of jewellery.
Natural light filters in through an original diamond-shaped glass dome, under which a dreamlike Zen garden is brought to life.


Recarlo is part of the Fondazione Mani Intelligenti project, which aims to seek out and train upcoming generations of master goldsmiths in the Valenza region, known throughout the world for its innovation, creativity and one-of-a-kind Italian jewellery craftsmanship.


Recarlo’s commitment to sustainable development is reflected in its ever-increasing attention to assessing the social and environmental impact of its activities.

Recarlo is committed to spreading the culture of responsibility, promoting conduct that protects employees, customers, suppliers, and the environment.

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