Italy is the place of wonderlands, and the place of excellence. Make no mistake, there’s a reason why the word Made in Italy it’s so expendable. Furniture, clothing, food and automation are Italy’s top fields, and its manufacturing quality is acknowledged all over the world. Recently, in Milan it’s been celebrated one of these excellence: furniture, through the well known expo “Salone del Mobile”. These kind of events are important since they exalt the meaning of quality Made in Italy, and push companies to question themselves on which is the best way to value this prestigious label.
This is why we chose to talk about how Recarlo, a company that completely embodies the Made in Italy spirit, decided to transmit the excellence of their jewels even in the setups that will characterize their Shop-in-Shop. Recarlo’s Shop-in-Shop will be immediately recognizable since planned in every little detail. The color, the materials, the structure and even the layout, nothing is left to chance. Because Made in Italy quality is in the details we think. The forma-mentis left to us from our artistically glorious past, make us work with meticulousness and passion in the creation and presentation of artisanal design objects. Artworks displayed in a museum need the right lighting, right structure and perfect position to be best enjoyed by the public. Also jewels deserve a similar care when shown to the public. Institutional blue will capture you while entering in a Recarlo’s Shop-in-Shop. A color that has his roots in the Piemonte region territory, the brand heritage, and a color that exalts the sparkling light of diamonds. Lacquer wood, chrome-plated steel, luxurious Italian satin and precious sodalite are the chosen materials to welcome jewels and people. To walk in a Recarlo corner it will be a unique experience: you will dive in a world of Made in Italy quality.