In the north-west side of Italy there is a region that gave life to many Italian excellences: Piemonte. Its enogastronomic delicatessen such as truffle and famous wines, its maitre chocolatier art and culture and finally clothes and automation are strong in this region.
But there is one excellence for which Piemonte is really known for: jewels. The goldsmith’s art of Valenza is so important the whole country refers to it.

Valenza, a town in Monferrato, in the district of Alessandria, is know all over Italy for its production of jewels and its goldsmith’s art, and this tradition is so old it started in the middle of the 19° century. It still lives in the work of all the goldsmith’s companies of Piemonte.

At the end of the Second World War this art and trade really flourished and Valenza stood out for its rich and unique production. It became the main district for this kind of trades and an example for others goldsmith’s companies all around the world. Recarlo was born in this land of artisans and experts in the goldsmith’s art, in 1967.
Recarlo own the same passion, care for the details and ability of the ancient goldsmith Valenza’s tradition. It is a brand that proudly embodies the meaning of the quality of Made in Italy.

Recarlo’s designer are receptive to changes, and are always working in order to create innovative solutions and creations, they succeed in giving a unique look to the jewels. The style can be modern or classic, depending on your needs, but it’s always original.
The whole Recarlo’s production respects the highest qualitative standard and its elegant jewels are made from a fine selection of first quality materials.

This is the reason why Recarlo’s jewels, beside having wonderful shapes thought by the brilliant designers, having shiny and pure materials, always respecting the highest standards, have something more.
Inside a Recarlo’s jewel you can find a rich history of art, goldsmith’s tradition, values that go beyond the jewel itself and bestow it with uniqueness and refinement.

The elegance of a jewel Made in Italy, combined with a long history and passion, this is Recarlo's essence.