Recarlo is a Piedmont’s excellence, rich of history, charm, desired and wanted all over the world for its elegance and sophistication, and it want to emphasize the beauty of a territory where it has its origins, praising its precious virtues. This strict connection with Recarlo home land is cause of joy and pride for the company.

Quality, exclusivity, tradition and experience are indeed characteristics that coexist harmoniously in Recarlo’s jewels and in the treasures that Piedmont offers. We are talking about a territory future oriented, that brings culture, a passion for beauty, harmony in every product, a territory rich of excellences that amaze the international public.

We want to talk about the majestic beauty reflected into the shining facets of a Recarlo’s diamond, able to donate unique and unforgettable sensations to the ones who give or receive it, and the precious taste of truffles.

Two precious Piedmont’s excellences that give happiness and move everyone.

Truffle is known as the “Mozart of mushrooms”, a rare pearl that grows in the territory of Piedmont, a truffle is so rare and noble that the ones who taste it are hit by an intense, exquisite and unique taste, and its aroma fills the ambient. In the same way, the distinctive and iconic charm of Recarlo’s jewels enriches the attraction of the ones who wear them, proud and satisfied to wear such a unique symbol of love and beauty.

Passion and admiration for these two excellences are inevitable. Their exclusivity is something that evokes elegance and nobility, the same ones evoked by their own territory: Piedmont.

Tasting luxury, a precious tie to live, remember and exalt.