In Recarlo is fundamental to give life to a unique and carefully designed jewel. That is why Recarlo style is inimitable, it respects its own discipline, whose only purpose is to create unique jewels. Every jewel production, in order to respect the quality's characteristics that determine Recarlo style, follows an internal law, the LEXLUX one. LEXLUX states that every jewel must have the maximum brilliance possible. This is why Recarlo uses only a diamond cut that guarantee a high refraction and make a special rhodium plating of white gold that maximizes its whiteness.

Recarlo favorite diamond cut is the Ideal Cut, that gives diamonds, besides an excellent brilliance with its perfect proportions that allows a better reflection and refraction of light, the harmony and balance proper of Recarlo style. The gems are mounted on white gold jewels that, in order to guarantee the maximum splendor, are treated with a special blend of rhodium, with techniques that unify ancient artisanal methods to modern technologies.

Recarlo style is the result of knowledge and dedication, passion and creativity, whose union creates something extraordinary and inimitable. A refined, elegant, harmonious style declined in each collection in a different yet identical way. All the collections were made to meet the demands of people with different tastes, modern, romantic, classic, contemporary... there is a jewel for every style. But they all have a common thing: Recarlo style, a unique combination of quality and originality.