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The Recarlo Academy is the space where knowledge and ideas are shared to ensure the development of the company, through the growth of internal and external resources.

Thus, two different training courses with different approaches are created:



Training meetings reserved for the best jewellers with the aim of sharing a sales tariff in line with the values of the brand.



Training course dedicated to internal resources aimed at personal and professional growth and the development of individual potential.


The Customer is at the centre of the Recarlo world, which has been committed to satisfying the requirements of those who buy one of its jewels for over 50 years. Recarlo not only pays the utmost attention to the quality of the product but also wins the trust and loyalty of its customers, also through our staff who accompany them in their purchasing choices.

from 2017

Recarlo has opened the doors of its Milan Showroom to its best commercial partners, with whom it shares its approach to offer an excellent service, where every gesture and word gives life to an experience with attention to detail that lets the customer have an exciting and unique time.


The training course that Recarlo dedicates to its employees aims at strengthening the relationship areas through consolidation of the Group. Particular attention is therefore paid to the creation of a common culture and language, which stimulate personal motivation, also through a path of awareness and self-esteem so as to effectively manage the complexities of the operation.