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We protect our customers

Our certified diamonds and gemstones

To protect and safeguard our customers, every one of our diamonds over 0.14 ct. comes with a microfilm gemmologist's certificate produced by the Gemmological Laboratory, specifying the characteristics of each individual stone. Since 2019, the Responsible Jewellery Council, of which we are members, has also included coloured gemstones - like diamonds - in its certification process. As certified members since 2020, at Recarlo we also strive constantly to improve our sustainability performance, working in close contact with our supply Partners to guarantee the utmost transparency when it comes to the provenance of our coloured gemstones.

Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council

At Recarlo we select diamonds exclusively from countries which adhere to the global self-regulatory Kimberley Process, ensuring that the diamonds we sell come only from places where mining is controlled and protected. We also guarantee that our diamonds are conflict-free by complying with the Word Diamond Council's International System of Warrantees.


In 2020 we reached an important milestone on our sustainable growth journey by obtaining certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council. As a certified member of the non-profit organisation, we adopt responsible ethical, social and environmental practices, respecting human rights through our effective management procedures. Our ongoing commitment will help us create and strengthen working partnerships and lay solid foundations for sustainable growth.