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Recarlo's hive of ideas

Everyone helps bring our ideas to life

At Recarlo Academy, we train people by sharing ideas and knowledge, helping our internal and external resources to grow and contribute to the company's development.

"Recarlo Salons": training our sales force

We run training courses for sales staff from our partner Jewellers in Italy and beyond, engaging with them and passing on values such as elegance, finesse and attention to detail, ones we want to share with customers as they buy, turning a visit to the jeweller's into a unique, emotive experience.

How a jewel is made

The training pathway also includes a tour of our workshops, where visitors can breathe in the essence of our jewellery as it is forged by hand by our skilled Master Goldsmiths. This unique experience helps them understand and appreciate the many different processes and the infinite care that go into our creations, jewels which always inspire an emotion.

Aiming for excellence

Our employee training pathway is designed to help strengthen our relationships and consolidate the Group. We focus particularly on creating a common language and culture that boost personal motivation, nurturing awareness and self-esteem to help us successfully manage the complexities of our business context.