Recarlo is a well-known jewelry brand, born in the piedmontese lands of Italy. A territory father of many food and wine excellences that are precious, unique and exclusive as our brand jewels. Tasting luxury is the place where parallelisms between our territory excellences and our jewels find their space, both creations where you can observe and taste the heart of Piedmont, our land.

Sophistication, elegance and nobility

These are the adjectives that symbolize the union between the two piedmontese excellences we want to talk about: Barolo and Recarlo’s collection: Anniversary. The famous Langhe’s wine and the iconic jewels’ collection are connected by the attention to the details and a deep bond to the piedmontese territory. These two piedmontese works of art are born from two long traditions: the wine-producing of Alba and the goldsmith one of Valenza. The hardness, the body and the deepness of the taste of the famous red wine connect perfectly to the essence and the charm of Recarlo Anniversary collection’s diamonds.

To crown, to amaze

Barolo of Alba, just like Recarlo’s Anniversary, is known for his history and his nobility and it is an example for many. Like a deep emotion they both know how to lend a part of themselves and their magnificence to what’s near: an aroma, a love that in a union become magic.

Getting lost to find ourselves again

Deepness and harmony are the two ingredients of this wedding between two piedmontese excellences. Anniversary and Barolo can make a moment last forever. The light of a look of love is full of light, the same light reflected an infinite number of times on the surface of diamonds. Barolo has a unique taste, a joyful sensation at every sip. Anniversary and Barolo represent something that lasts forever, in the season of love.