One of the central cornerstones around which, all the philosophy, spirit and distinctiveness of the Recarlo brand revolves, is the accuracy and attention paid to the choice of the finest materials. The symbol of our collections, is without a doubt the diamond. A gem that encloses in its transparency a wealth of stories, emotions and tales that, to this day, still make it an emblem of value and uniqueness.

Elegance lives in the earth

Just as our company is linked to the history, culture and tradition of its land, so is the diamond, that rises up in all its splendour from the depths of the soil, enclosed in a treasure chest, waiting for the gentle and delicate hands of our gemologists and goldsmiths to give it honour, highlighting its unparalleled magnificence.

The diamond, more than any other stone, makes of its facets a status symbol that is outlined in a multiple character: hardness/love, transparency / depth, light / shadow. These dichotomies allow the diamond to be a symbol of the whole, of the unique, of the union in diversity, making it the beacon of the goldsmith's production destined for the noblest and purest sentiment: love. Purity lives in me

Recarlo's gemologists and experts select only the purest diamonds for the realization of collections, which fully respect the highest quality standards. "From all to the diamond" would be the perfect title to tell the story of the extraction process of this wonder of the ground: to obtain a gram of diamond, the amount of rock extracted is 50-150 tons, depending on the deposit, and only 20% of these have a quality that allows them to be selected for our masterpieces of goldsmith art.

Eternity is my name

Since the dawn of time, thanks to its charm, longevity, imperturbability and rarity, the diamond is considered a true reference to calibrate the importance, richness and value of a gift. The properties and molecular composition of the diamond are nothing more than the umpteenth demonstration that this stone is the icon that contains symbols that transcend time: indissolubility and eternity. Bonds, atoms, loves, light. All of this in the tip of the most precious stone that makes the Recarlo jewels unique pieces designed to preserve all their splendour over time.