In this moment of national difficulty, the Recarlo Company, the leader in diamond jewellery, feels a strong sense of responsibility and the desire to make a concrete contribution to all doctors, nurses and health workers who are on the front line every day dealing with the Coronavirus emergency.

The company has consequently decided to support a significant donation divided between the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan and the Ospedale Civile Santi Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo, in order to create new intensive care stations, beds with lung ventilators, monitors and everything necessary to assist those who need it most.
"The choice to support the Sacco Hospital came from the desire to make a contribution to Milan which is facing a real "beds"; emergency. But we want to be present in a practical way also at a more local level, in our district, with a donation to the Alessandria Hospital, which is a fundamental point of reference for the whole province and which, thanks to the support of companies in the area, can increase its capacity and provide an increasingly better response to the infected population"; says Carlo Re, founder and president of the company.

The Recarlo company has the heart as a distinctive element and as a symbol of its collections and, also on this occasion, it is guided by sentiment. "We hope that this gesture will also be an example for other companies in our sector. We are confident that by sticking together we will be able to cope with this emergency, overcome it and come out on the other end better than before, ready to re-launch with the Made in Italy quality that distinguishes our country", concludes Carlo Re.