Every kind of art needs an inspiration, a trigger for wonderful creations. The inspiration is the base of every creative process and fuel for its phases, from the moment it begins until the final result.
When we asked ourselves what inspire our creations the answer came immediately: Love, in all its forms.

With every creation we want to celebrate Love, and every manifestation of it.
Love can be worn? Our jewels try to give a positive answer to this question, enclosing Love essence in every glowing and bright facets of the diamonds selected to create fabulous creations.

This is the essential premise of every our collection, the soul of all our products. It’s the inspiration and the meaning that we give to every jewel to make it unique and give it an exclusive value that will be transmitted to the ones who receive it. A jewel is an act of love.

An act that the collection Anniversary Love, celebrates through its unicity: it is a dream in a mid-summer night, romantic allure , love that becomes matter.
With its heart-shaped diamonds and the attention to every detail Anniversary Love has found many affectionate fan, that made it an iconic collection of our brand, that today is welcoming a new member: the knotted ring.

This Anniversary Love ring expresses Love. A unique and original design, that wrap you with passion. Can a jewel, even if precious and realized carefully, collect the essence of such a powerful emotion? When the inspiration is Love, everything is possible.