In the section "how a love is born" we will present the behind the scenes of the creative process, realization and production of the unique pieces that make up the Recarlo’s mosaic, composed of magical creations and different professions that collaborate with harmony and synergies for one unique purpose: create something unique, eternal, inimitable.

"Creativity - like human life itself - begins in the dark." Julia Cameron.

The creativity from which the Recarlo collections come to life stems from a whisper, an inspiration, a desire. Through careful and meticulous study, based on everything that can make a jewel unique, special and memorable, Recarlo designers let suggestions, inspiration and passion do the rest. Driven by a love of pure and elegant lines, they develop a concept that paves the way forward on a laborious and complex path made of pure craftsmanship.

"Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo

Giving shape to ideas: accuracy, care, meticulous precision and most of all time...which just as the famous Latin phrase says, is gold. An expectation that marks the days of our artisans, that regulates the different phases and that sculpts in matter the creativity and love enclosed in a jewel. From the wax prototyping that creates a chrysalis for the future finished piece, through the casting where the mould is caressed for the first time by the most precious metal, to the processing that at last gives shape to the final creation, time and attention assume two fundamental roles. The respect of the timing required by every single step and mastery brought to its extreme elevation, allow Recarlo jewels to be, simply perfect.

"Poesy engraved on the ring Love engraved on my heart." Astrid Alauda

The culmination of preciousness, of light, of all the facets that enclose a look, a moment, a feeling: the diamond. The gem-setting is the last stage before the final touch, but it is the one that most stands as an emblem and icon of the Recarlo character. Small gestures moved by a decisive delicacy create the collet that will finally be filled by the eternal charm of diamonds, enclosed in the timelessness of a ring that will endure forever.