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    Pure Diamond

    The sense of beauty is a value that distinguishes Recarlo and drives the stylistic research. The best designers and goldsmiths put their skills at the service of beauty, to create jewellery of unique style. Clients know that by choosing Recarlo creations, they will have in their hands masterpieces in which precious metals and perfect gems merge in new lines that enhance a style turned into tradition.


Recarlo extrapolates the beauty from the eyes of the observer and embodies it in a jewel. Goldsmiths of ancient tradition from Valenza handle the rarity and perfection of diamonds, conceiving precious master pieces to wear. Designers who are the protagonists of the best and most advanced trends of modern jewellery interpret the gem, making it into the heart of a unique jewel dedicated to those who know the value of innovation merged to classical style.

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    The history of Maison Recarlo began in 1967, when Carlo Re founded the company destined to become the protagonist of “Made in Valenza” fine jewellery. Since the beginning, the company made excellence and craftsmanship its reference point: always searching for the most precious and rarest gems and the most skilful goldsmiths to embody unique and refined beauty in its jewellery, according to the ancient tradition of Valenza. Family and tradition, testing and innovation: these are the key values underlying Maison Recarlo.

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    In ancient times, people were looking at the sky to understand the origin of diamonds. Today we know that they are “simply” pure carbon, however knowing the origin does not make them less charming. All diamonds are rare, some more than others. Rarity is evaluated according to the mix of properties and Recarlo provides a certificate that guarantees the quality of every gem. Moreover, the diamonds of Recarlo’s creations do not come from conflict areas, but only from areas that follow the Kimberly Process and comply with the International Guarantee System.

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    Recarlo’s world also includes precious stones and pearls. Gems coming from exotic places that characterise goldsmith creations with their vibrant and natural colours, carefully selected by the passion of Recarlo’s gemologists to attain only utmost quality. And pearls, symbol of timeless elegance, add a bright and silky touch to each jewel. Recarlo selects only the best pearls, of various shape and origin: from the precious Japanese pearls of Akoya, the golden tones of Tahiti, large-size Australian pearls, to the refined colours of Fresh Water.

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    Recarlo’s jewels are conceived with utmost care and Recarlo looks after each creation as every single client. Hence the company reserves Exclusive Care to its clientele, a special service on each purchased piece of jewellery. Simply fill out the relative form online or transmit the form in paper format, and Recarlo will replace the purchased jewellery in case of theft or robbery at your home. Moreover, the activation of the Exclusive Care service allows extending the regular one-year Warranty beyond the 24 months foreseen by law.

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